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your unique gifts can transform them into opportunities. 

Starting with the gravity of Genius, LeaderShiftNow, LLC helps with gaining perspective on living, leading and succeeding from your unique energetic blueprint. When you find, follow and sustain your unique strategy you tap into its advantage and gain a co-operative edge.  


Gravity of Genius

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How I Work

Gravity of Divinity

My inner sense, paired with the trust, support and encouragement of my parents, led to an everyday experience of “the universe having my back”; as if I could reliably lean into a universal gravitational pull that would ensure me being in the right place at the right time with the right people offering the right opportunities.


Having no particular religious affiliation at that time, or now, I came to name this familiar experience in my life, G.O.D. - the Gravity of Divinity; the practice of meeting each moment with mindfulness, then trusting my gut, following my heart even if it doesn’t make sense to my mind in that moment.


The gravity of our genius works in the same way related to our genetic potential and uniqueness - coded to move through space uniquely yet interconnected the wholeness around us.

Diana Cale Kennedy

Self Mastery Opportunities

Personal Transformation Coaching

Awakening To Design IQ - Introduction Workshop

Living Your Design IQ - 7 Day Immersion Retreat

Transforming By Design IQ - 7 Week Seminar


Thriving With Design IQ - 7 Month Experiment 

The Quantum Shift - 7 Year Alignment 



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