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"The foundational level of both personal and professionsal leadership is “Mastering Uniqueness”. This is what will increase our capacity to sustain who we are in a world constantly attempting to have us be something else."

Diane Cale-Kenney, LeaderShiftNow

Leadership Philosophy


Most people mistakenly assign the term ‘Leadership’ only to folks in organizations and communities who hold titles and positions of authority over others; misinterpreting expertise in their field and good management skills with leadership competency.


I have found that few appointed leaders rise to the level of self-mastery and mindfulness required to easily create demonstrable leadership around them, on all levels, in all people, in every partnership and team; certainly not sufficient to easily sustain a unique operational/cultural advantage, the secret sauce for any business to survive and thrive in today’s world. Rarely do we use the word “Leadership” to describe everyday individuals and the quality with which they are “Leading their lives”; people who have invested in knowing who they are, what they value and what they uniquely have to contribute; folks who are staying true themselves while making a difference and a profit.


After 25 years in the Leadership Development field I am inspired and more devoted than ever to increasing the quality of life and leadership in all contexts, for all who want it. It is with this in mind, Leadershiftnow LLC offers a Continuum of Transformative Coaching and Consulting methods designed to serve Individuals as well as Organizations and Communities; methods developed to deepen self-mastery and mindfulness at the Individual level, to provide cultural transformation skills at the Organizational level and to unleash partnership potential at the Community level.


Akin to the words of Warren Bennis and Ralph Waldo Emerson, I believe that “being ourselves in a world constantly trying to have us be something else” is not only our greatest accomplishment, it is essential to accomplishing greatly.

- Diana Cale Kennedy, Founder, Leadershiftnow LLC

An Origin Story

Diane's Scottish heritage instilled a fierce fascination with freedom, what it means to live, lead and succeed on our own terms. This coupled with her global work experience from a young age, creates a clear and demonstrable advantage when supporting those facing uncertainty when stepping into the transformative unknown.



Steve Shapiro

Author - 24/7 Innovation 

Imagine a life of full self-expression.  Imagine a life of your own design. Imagine everything you want out of life...and more. It is possible. It takes hard work.  And it requires someone to guide you through the process. Diane is that guide and she  blessed with a gift that defies words. She has an intuition that can not be learned. She has compassion that saints would die for. And her playful attitude can make even hard work lots of fun!  My life has been so incredibly enriched by just being around her. If you like the status quo, stay clear of Diane. If you want your dreams to come true, let her show you the way. 

Laura Lynn Delaney

Artist, B. F.A., M. T., Reiki Master, Macrobiotic Guide & Chef   

I have particpated in, supported or led over 4000 workshops since 1982, and I have worked with some of the greatest spiritual leaders of this millenium,,,,,that having been said, I find Diane Kennedys work to be of as fine a quality as those other great inspirational  leaders of our time such as Deepak Chopra, Anthony Robbins, The Dalai Lama, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Caroline Myss.  Diane Kennedy's work is of the same quality and vibration as such fine leaders. 

Mark Kutner

President, GBS Bell Atlantic

Diane provides outstanding facilitation and coaching. She doesn’t let anyone get away with anything, yet she is insightful, and sensitive. She always keeps furthering communication and the conversations towards the desired outcome. Diane will make her audience/client be clear about their desired outcome or objective, and create the possibility of  a future outcome that the client is committed to achieve. She is an outstanding coach, she can be tough when she needs to be, soft when necessary, and always engaged in helping you achieve extraordinary results.  
I am proud to have been a client of Diane’s, she has stretched me to become a greater leader, and I am proud also to call her my friend.